Design the best value with Aluminum Composite Material (ACM) panels utilizing this information.

The following parameters are very important in determining the price of ACM panels:

Ø      Quantity of Material Used

Ø      Modules of Panels

Ø      Sizes of Panels

Ø      Color – Custom or Standard

Ø      Geometric Complexity

Ø      Attachment System

Ø      Installation Complexity


Many designers are frustrated because some of their ACM projects cost $30 per Square Foot and others cost $20 per Square Foot.  What causes such a wide variance?  The parameters outlined above are what determine the cost.  Outlined below are more specifics that will help you control your costs.


Quantity of Material Used


Small quantities of material will make the unit price much higher.  If the design will allow, utilize ACM in more areas to increase the total quantity.  For example, if you want to use ACM for the canopy of your project.  Look at using ACM for your fascia on the main building as well, or column covers, etc.


Modules of Panels


The most economical module widths of panels are those that approach either 48” wide or 60” wide.  These modules utilize the full width of the standard size ACM sheet.


Size of Panels


It takes approximately the same effort, and therefore cost, to engineer, fabricate and install a small ACM panel as it does for a large panel.


For example, for an area that is 100 square feet, the panels can be designed several ways:


Ø      Scheme 1               25 panels  – 24” X 24”

Ø      Scheme 2                 5 panels  – 48” X 60”

Ø      Scheme 3                 2 panels  – 60” X 120”


Obviously Scheme 2 or 3 will be less expensive because there are fewer panels to engineer, fabricate, and install.